Concentration in STS

A concentration in STS simply consists of three STS Subjects, at least one -- and not more than two -- of which must be selected from the Tier I list. A concentration can become a minor by adding three additional subjects (one of which must be STS.091).

Procedure for proposing and completing a concentration in STS:

Approval for both the paper AND online concentration proposal and completion forms require an in-person meeting with the STS Concentration Advisor (a.k.a. the STS Undergraduate Academic Officer). Follow the Concentration Advisor link to find this semester's office hours or how to set up an appointment.

Students graduating in September 2014, February 2015, or June 2015 should continue to use the paper form.

Students graduating after June 2015 should use the online form. The Concentration Form can be found at

For general information about the MIT Concentration Requirement, visit the Office of the HASS Requirement's website or contact the HASS Requirement Advisor, Patricia Fernandes in 35-433G.

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