Critical Issues in STS

Fall 2012

Tuesdays, 11 am - 1 pm in E51-165
Prereq: One STS Tier I subject or permission of instructor
2-0-10 units

STS.091 is intended to provide a reflective overview of STS studies for STS majors and minors and those who are interested in a deeper understanding of the field. The STS Program would like to develop a similar class to function as a general introduction to STS for students who have taken none or perhaps one STS subject. This new “intro to STS” subject would not be a required pre-requisite but would function as a general “feeder” for STS classes.

Students taking STS.091 this fall will have the unique opportunity to work collaboratively to help design this new STS introductory subject. This work will involve:

  • Reviewing their own STS studies for favorite topics, themes, and readings;
  • Reviewing how STS studies are being influenced by current events;
  • Mapping the MIT curriculum (both classroom and related activities) for current offerings that have an STS-like approach, even if they are not officially listed with the STS Program;
  • Mapping units and organizations at MIT that are not officially part of the curriculum but that relate to STS studies;
  • Interviewing other STS faculty for their perspectives and suggestions;
  • Interviewing other students, staff, and faculty to learn what they know about STS studies and what they would like to know;
  • Investigating possible links between this project and other important initiatives in MIT education, such as EdX; and
  • Other class activities in the usual modes of STS.091: frequent short writing assignments and oral presentations, discussions, occasional visitors, and development of peer review skills.

The collective result of the term’s work will be a detailed syllabus/description of a proposed new Introduction to STS Studies for MIT undergraduates. In addition, each student will develop some aspect of this proposal in more detail along lines of personal interests. This research project will be presented both orally and in writing at the end of the term.


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