Undergraduate Program

The core belief of STS studies is that science, technology, and society need to be understood as an integrated whole. The core philosophy of the STS undergraduate program is that an STS perspective needs to be integrated with the rest of the curriculum rather than being bracketed off as a separate entity.

Because of this philosophy, at the present we do not offer an independent major, but instead focus our undergraduate efforts on offering students a range of attractive classes (both free-standing and collaborative), a minor, a concentration, a joint major, and a second major.

The free-standing classes are intended to introduce students to the basic vocabulary and concepts of interdisciplinary STS studies, as well as to some of the fundamental disciplines that have been so important in developing STS studies. For example, we offer popular undergraduate classes in the history of science, the history of technology, and ethical issues raised by modern science and technology.

The STS Program also offers collaborative classes (sometimes joint-listed, sometimes not) that integrate an STS perspective with the subject matter featured by other departments at MIT. For example, we offer classes in collaboration with Physics and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Examples of Science, Technology, and Society courses can be found on MIT OpenCourseWare.

Undergraduate Academic Officer

Professor Rosalind Williams

Room E51-278

If you are submitting a concentration proposal, you need to have an in-person meeting with Professor Williams. Office hours will be held Monday, Feb. 1 from 2-4pm and Thursday, Feb. 4 from 1-4pm. If you can't come in during these times, or the first week of classes has passed, please send an email to Professor Williams to up an appointment. Most appointments will need a few days' lead time to be arranged.

If you are making changes to your approved proposal form before submitting your completion, please send an email to Professor Williams about the change, and submit the change online.

If you are submitting a completion form for a concentration proposal that was approved and has no changes, just go ahead and submit your form online. If you are a final term senior, you should submit your completion form by Feb. 4 so Professor Williams has time to approve.

Academic Administrator

Karen Gardner

Room E51-163f

Students with any questions about doing a concentration, minor or major in STS or about transfer credit are welcome to drop-in to meet with Karen Mondays-Fridays, 8:45 am - 4:00 pm, or email or call to set up an appointment in advance.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Building E51-163