Working Papers


WP # Author Title Date Comments
40 Roosth, Sophia Screaming Yeast: Sonocytology, Cytoplasmic Milieus, and Cellular Subjectivities 2006-2007 Siegel Prize winner
39 Coslovsky, Salo Vincour The Rise and Decline of the Amazonian Rubber Shoe Industry 2006 Siegel Prize winner
38 Zilberstein, Anya Obiects of Distant Exchange:
Traces of the Pacific Northwest Coast Fur Trade in New England
2004-2005 Siegel Prize winner
37 Yeang, Chen-Pang When Hobbyists Were Experts: The U.S. Radio Amateurs' Long-Range Short-Wave Experiments Circa 1920 2003 Siegel Prize winner
36 Callahan, Daniel Too Much of a Good Thing: Coping with Splendid Technologies That Can Go Wrong 2002 Morison Prize Lecture
35 Hamilton, Shane Cold Capitalism: The Political Ecology of Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice 2002 Siegel Prize winner
34 Miller, Eden Designing Freedom, Regulating a Nation: Socialist Cybernetics in Allende's Chile 2001 Siegel Prize winner
33 Sanal, Aslihan The Business of Life: Kidneys, Media, Politics and the Privatization of Biomedicine in Turkey and the Middle East 2000 Siegel Prize winner
32 Kelty, Chris Life is a Series of Tests, Some Just Count More 1998 Siegel Prize winner
31 Prentice, Rachel Calculating Machines, Calculating Women: Redesigning Astronomical and Scientific Computation in Britain, 1925-1946 1998 Siegel Prize winner
30 Schwarz, Heinrich The Hidden Work In Virtual Work 1999 Siegel Prize winner
29 Hughes, Thomas P. A Usable History for Engineers 2000 Morison Prize Lecture
28 Martello, Rob Paul Revere's Last Ride: The Road to Rolling Copper 1997 Siegel Prize winner
27 Greco, Diane Unspeakable Practices? On the Communicability of Practical Knowledge During the Rise of the British Magnetic Crusade 1997 Siegel Prize winner
26 Keniston, Kenneth Software Localization: Notes on Technology and Culture

25 Landecker, Hannah Seeking Cellvation: HeLa Cells and Immortality 1996 Siegel Prize winner
24 Greco, Diane From the Field to the Laboratory: Terrestrial Magnetism at Gottingen 1833-1839 1995 Siegel Prize winner
23 Mourshed, Mona Rethinking Irrigation Technology Adoption: Lessons from the Egyptian Desert 1995 Siegel Prize winner
22 Morison, Elting From Know-How to History: Symposium in honor of Elting Morison
Part I
Part II

21 Clancey, Gregory Architecture in Action 1994 Siegel Prize winner
20 Olwell, Russell Physics and Politics in Cold War America: The Two Exiles of David Bohm 1993 Siegel Prize winner
19 Guston,
David H.
The Demise of the Social Contract for Science: Misconduct in Science and the Nonmodern World 1992 Siegel Prize winner
18 Bimber, Bruce The Politics of Expertise in Congress

17 Wang, Jessica Science, Security, and the Cold War: The Case of E.U. Condon 1991 Siegel Prize winner
16 Kay, Lily E. Life as Technology: Representing, Interviewing, and Molecularizing 1991 Presented at "Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science"
15 Marx, Leo The Humanities and the Defense of the Environment

14 Holton, Gerald Quanta, Relativity and Rhetoric

13 Smith, Merritt Roe Becoming Engineers in Early Industrial America

12 Fitzgerald, Deborah Beyond Tractors: The History of Technology in Agriculture

11 Bimber, Bruce Karl Marx and the Three Faces of Technological Determinism

10 Turkle, Sherry Powerful Ideas or Paradoxical Effects: Educational Computing in a Department of Physics

9 Guston,
David H.
Promoting Policy Consensus: The Presidential and Congressional Contexts for an AIDS Commission

8 Marx, Leo The American Ideology of Space

7 Bimber, Bruce Information as a Factor in Congressional Politics

6 Graham, Loren Science and the Soviet Social Order

5 Wheelon,
Albert D.
Space Policy: How Technology, Economics and Public Policy Intersect
Part I
Part II

4 Holton, Gerald Ernst Mach in America

3 Morison, Elting Poetry and Policy

2 Marx, Leo Lewis Mumford: Prophet of Organicism

1 Keniston, Kenneth Living with Aids: Social Construction and the Long Haul
Published in Daedalus, Summer 1989
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Building E51-163