Chapter 1 Rowing as a Competitive Sport
Chapter 2 Rowing at MIT - Pre-Cambridge Campus
Chapter 3 Rowing at MIT at Cambridge Campus
Chapter 4 Institute Involvement and Control
Chapter 5 Rowing as a Women's Sport
Chapter 6 MIT Boathouses
Chapter 7 Tech Crew Coaches
Chapter 9 Shells and Barges
Chapter 10 Oars and Outriggers
Chapter 11 Launches
Chapter 12 Rowing Machines and Equipment
Chapter 13 Training Routines
Chapter 14 Race Courses
Chapter 15 Competition Trophies
Chapter 16 "T" Awards
Chapter 17 Rowing Techniques
Chapter 18 Weather
Chapter 19 Medical Problem
Chapter 20 Traditions and Strange Happenings
Chapter 21 Rowing Clubs and Associations
Chapter 22 Major Crew Benefactors
Chapter 23 Media Coverage
Chapter 24 The Public
Chapter 25 Non-Institute Rowing by MIT Students

This history was researched and written by Ernie Knight '28.

The work is unfinished. Chapters without links do not as yet exist. Further input or information is appreciated. Please send it to Stu Schmill, Director of MIT Crew.

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