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Key Dates for
Spring 2018:

Half-Term Evaluation Period:
Fri, March 9, 9am -
Mon, March 19, 9am
2/3-Term, Chemistry Modules Evaluation Period:
Mon, April 2, 9am -
Fri, April 13, 5pm
Evaluation Period:
Mon, May 7, 9am -
Mon, May 21, 9am
View Results:
Wed, May 30


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View real-time
response rates

(available during evaluation period This report for instructors and administrators uses real-time registration numbers to calculate response rates. Since registrations are fluid through the end of the term (and sometimes beyond), the real-time response rates may differ from those on final evaluation reports which are based on registration numbers at the close of each survey window.)

View Evaluation Results

Evaluation results are available to the MIT Community only. To view results you will need a Kerberos ID (Athena account username) and must have Javascript enabled in your browser.

Report Access

Students and the MIT community can view summarized quantitative results. Evaluated instructors have additional access to open-ended comments about their teaching. Department administrators can access both comments and quantitative results for all subjects in their department.

These reports are intended for MIT use only. Instructors who wish to share their own evaluation reports outside of the MIT community (for example, in preparation for an interview) may do so. However, if there are other instructors listed on that report, the instructor must redact their names or get their permission to distribute.

Use of Data

Although we publish quantitative summaries for the MIT community as one tool to assess a specific subject, we do not publish cross-subject or cross-department comparisons as they can be misleading without the proper context that only the departments can provide. MIT's online subject evaluations are voluntary not only for students, but for departments as well; not every subject or teacher is evaluated. Likewise, there is enormous variety among subjects - required vs. elective, large vs. small, established vs. experimental curriculum, etc. The department head must approve release of data beyond the summary reports that we publish. Note: The anonymity of respondents is preserved in the departmental data.

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