Sponsoring Interns Through the MIT Washington Program

MIT Washington Program sponsors gain access to a select pool of highly qualified and motivated undergraduate summer interns.

Our students offer a broad range of specialized technical knowledge and excellent research and analytical capabilities, honed by the MIT curriculum's emphasis on problem solving and information gathering. As a result, sponsoring organizations typically find that their interns make articulate, relevant, in-depth contributions to policy development projects involving emerging technological and scientific issues.

While many program participants are studying engineering and the sciences, MIT also has outstanding programs in economics, business, architecture, political science and other fields. Across the board, these students have proven ability to quickly come up to speed on complex unfamiliar topics and convey information in written form.

Our sponsor-intern relationships run for two months, full time, during the summer. Clerical work should be minimal, to emphasize professional analysis of policy in technical areas, and application of the intern's particular expertise.

We welcome sponsors from executive and legislative offices, agencies, think tanks, advocacy groups, corporations, and other organizations. MIT Washington Program personnel work with sponsors and interns to ensure a mutually beneficial experience.

For more information on sponsorship, we invite you to contact Katherine Hoss (hoss@mit.edu or 617-253-3649).


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