Equality Commission

Survey on Career Decisions in the Practice of Law
MIT Workplace Center and the Equality Commission
November 2005

This survey has been designed by the MIT Workplace Center to collect specific data on factors that shape career decisions in the practice of law. We are contacting attorneys who were employed at the 100 largest law firms in Massachusetts in 2001. The goal is to gain information about career assessments and decisions between 2001 and the present.

There are 51 questions in the survey, but they are quickly and easily answered. It will take approximately 20 minutes of your time.

Following MIT policy, participation is voluntary and confidentiality is assured. In reports of the findings, no names or other identifying references will be used and no one at the employing firms will see responses to the survey. All information received will be analyzed and safeguarded according to strict academic standards.

As noted in the cover letter, the survey is available both electronically by MIT's IS&T Web Survey Service and in paper form. If you would prefer to receive a mailed copy of the survey, please contact the MIT Workplace Center at 617.253.7996 and ask for Mona Harrington.

Any further questions regarding the survey or our study should be directed to the Workplace Center at the number listed above. You can also access our website at http://web.mit.edu/workplacecenter/ for updates on our research.

The survey is closed - thanks for your interest!


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