MIT Sustainable Design Lab
Comfort in Motion | Design Strategies to Promote Human Powered Mobility through Comfortable Outdoor Spaces

Tarek Rakha and Christoph Reinhart

Final Course Presentation

This seminar explored the relationship between outdoor thermal comfort and people’s mobility mode choices. The underlying premise is that, if provided with comfortable environments that are suitable for walking and biking, people will choose this option over alternative modes of transportation. We further investigated what role architects and urban designers can play in creating such spaces. As a semester-long course project we investigated the street network between the main MIT and Harvard Campuses in Cambridge with the goal of developing and designing a network of biking paths that will further connect the two communities.


Participants of the seminar.


Four design intervention sites in East Cambridge between Harvard and MIT.


Project 1: Technology Square - Nathaniel Jones [MIT PHD BT], Ali Irani [MIT UG ARCH+CIVIL].


Project 3: Central Square - Yue Shao [MIT UG ARCH], Feng Shen [HARVARD MAUD].


Project 4: Harvard Sq2 - Chingwen Hsiao [HARVARD MDES], Toon Virochpoka [HARVARD MDES], Liuwei Zhao [HARVARD MDES].