MIT Sustainable Design Lab
Sustainability of Kuwaits Built Environment - Task C Operational Energy and Life Cycle Performance

Christoph Reinhart (CO-PI MIT), John Ochsendorf (Co-PI MIT), Adil Al-Mumin, Carlos Cerezo, Ali Hajiah, Nathaniel Jones, Catherine De Wolf (2012 - 2016, supported by the Kuwait MIT Center)

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In this project we teamed up with the Structural Design Lab at MIT as well as Kuwait University and the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research to develop our first calibrated Urban Building Energy Model (UBEM) of the Al Qadisiyah neighborhood in Kuwait City (paper). In December 2015 we presented our findings of how to reduced annaul energy use in Al Qadisiyah by 85% to key Kuwaiti government officials and industry representatives.


1 - Measured Energy Use intensity in Al Qadisiyah

Simulated Electricity Use for Al Qadesya

2 - Simulated Electricity Use for Al Qadesya

Workshop Photo

3 - Workshop photo at KFAS