MIT Masters Drop In Policy

MIT Masters membership fluctuates based on many factors. At some times of the term we have space for lots of drop ins, at other times, we have space for none.

Drop in rates are $5 coaching fee per session for non-MIT affiliated persons with a $15.00 facility fee and for MIT faculty/staff/alumni with a $15.00 facility fee. MIT students pay just $3 coaching fee per session with a $8.00 facility fee. The facility fee is payable to the Main customer service desk and it gets you into the facility. The coaching fee is payable to the coach on deck.

If you are coming to the Boston area from out of town, please send email before showing up at a workout. We do welcome out of town swimmers but availability can be varied. You will have to pay $15.00 fee to get into the Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center plus the masters coaches fee.

If you do drop-in, please observe some basic etiquette. Don't lead the lane without checking with other swimmers first. Ask someone (preferably coach Bill) which lane you should be swimming in.

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Last updated: June 7, 2012