MIT Masters Swimming

This is the homepage for MIT Masters Swimming.

We swim at the Zesiger center pool at MIT.


Interested in Swimming With MIT Masters Swimming?

Please send patti ( the following information:

1. When you typically swim now, how long do you usually swim?
2. How far do you usually go?
3. Can you swim freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly?
4. If you were to swim 5 sets of 100 yards, what interval would you do them on?
5. are you interested in swimmming at 6:15 am, noon or 7:00 pm - 8:30. you can attend any session you want, but you might find it is easier to attend one time regularly. we have workouts monday through friday at those times.

Because we are a college based program. We have limits as to how many non-MIT associated people we can have in our program. We currently do not have a waiting list for non-MIT people

New announcements:

Winter 2014 scedule is still being worked out, but we have an outline:

Fees for the winter session are:

  • if you pay by January 15th - 170.00 for non-students and $90 for students
  • If you pay between 16th and 31st - $190.00 for non-students and 110.00 for students
  • for current members, if you have not made arrangements to pay by the end of January, you will not be allowed to swim with us.

Detailed workout schedules:

For instructions on paying, go to the payment page

To check and see if MIT is actually closed, call 617-253-SNOW or go to the MIT Emergency page

January workout details (pdf)

  1. Winter workout starts on Friday January 3rd
  2. We are set up long course until Friday January 10th, (noon)
  3. There are no workouts on Monday January 20th due to Martin Luther King day - it is a MIT holiday
  4. We have added a noon workout on Tuesday January 21st
  5. One hour swim happens on Sunday January 27th from 9:30 am to noon
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February workout details (pdf) - posted on Dec. 31st - subject to change

  1. There is no workout on Sunday February 10th due to swim meet
  2. There is Big swim meet (NEWMACS) on Feb 14th through 17th. We have a workout on Thursday Feb 16th in the am and Friday Feb 17th in the am. We have added an extra noon workouts on Tuesday Feb. 12th and Thursday Feb 14th.
  3. Monday February 17th is a MIT holiday - no workouts on that day
  4. There is a another Swim meet on Feb 19th to 21st - We only have workouts on Thursday Feb. 19th and Friday Feb. 20th in the am.

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March workout details (pdf)

  1. There is a swim meet on Sunday March 16th - so no Sunday workout
  2. There is a swim meet on March 23rd - so no Sunday workout

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April workout details (pdf)

  1. On Monday April 21st, we don't have a workout due to Patriot's day (MIT holiday)
  2. Extra noon workout on Tuesday April 22nd.
  3. We move to long course (LC) on Friday May 2nd!

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May workout details (pdf)

  1. No workouts on Monday May 26th, Memorial day, but we still swim on the Sunday
  2. We have added an extra noon workout on Teusday May 27th
  3. We start our summer schedule on Monday June 2nd
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General information available here:

We are now allowed to accept non-MIT associated people. Please contact patti for further information .

if you are not associated with MIT and you want to swim with us you need to:

-Buy a Friends of MIT athletic card (cost is $845 for an entire year or $555 for 6 months). for the most up to date cost, please check out the DAPER website

-If you want to spread out the payments for your athletic card over eleven payments, you need to contact the customer service desk.

-The MIT Masters Program is the only Masters program that comes with access to an excellent gym, a lot of other fitness classes, sailing, and other things. And most importantly for a swimmer, we have a great swimming pool.

More information:

Current members, send/update your registration information MIT Masters Frequently Asked Questions (& Answers!)

Our by-laws are now posted on -line here.


If you have a question or concern which is not answered on this page, please send email to Patti.

See you at the pool!

Last updated: January 1, 2014