"Blurred Lines": Dance Workshops with Jan Marie

Saturday, April 19, 2:00 p.m. - 5:20 p.m.

MIT Building 36 room 112
50 Vassar St., Cambridge, MA
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***Unlike Robin Thicke, we will NOT be blurring lines of consent--these classes will blur lines of leader and follower. Consentually engaging in this new line blurring will be paramount, and we will learn the best words and signals to "ask" to blur lines within our partnerships.

Do you find the confines of dance roles to be limiting? Would you like to explore the line between where your role ends and your partner's begins? Would you like to walk a mile in your partner's shoes?

Through this series of workshops, you will learn permissing leading, suggestive following, role reversal, switch dancing, and more!



Leads, are you interested in learning when and how to give your follow space to be expressive? Follows, would you like to know how to give seamless suggestions to your leads to create a more communicative dance?

In this class, we will learn the tools to allow our partner to dally in our role, including how to signal a change in role ownership, and small ways to make big suggestions.

3:10-4:10 - ROLE REVERSAL:

Have you ever wanted to try out your non-dominant role in a safe setting? Ever wished someone could talk you through the differences in your frame and tone and approach when leading versus following?

For the follow-dominant who would like to lead, we will be learning assertiveness, follow-through, frame setting, tone setting, and will be incorporating the power of receptiveness learned in the first class.

For the lead-dominant who would like to follow, we will be learning awareness, responsiveness, frame matching, tone matching, and will be incorporating the power of suggestion learned in the first class.

4:20 - 5:20 - BLENDED ROLES:

Provided you have a willing partner, would you like to confidently be able to switch between leading and following? Would you like tips of where and how best to transfer roles between you and your partner?

First we will take a deeper look at how to consentually enter a switch dance. Then we will look at the non-verbal cues our partner may be giving us to indicate a turning over or a retrieval of the lead, as well as how to differentiate full roll turnovers from the more temporary permission/suggestion learned in the first class.


MIT students/staff: FREE
Outside students: $15/day (3 classes), $8/class
General public: $20/day (3 classes), $10/class

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