Dancing at MIT usually takes place in one of a few different places, which are denoted with red dots......

1. The student center (Building # W20)
    There are several rooms used for dancing in the student center:
          i. la sala de puerto rico (2nd floor)- this is the ballroom, hardwood floor, very slippery.
          ii. lobdell cafeteria (2nd floor)
          iii. there are several rooms on the 4th floor that we use

2. Walker memorial (building #50) - this is also a cafeteria

3. Kresge Auditorium (Building W16)
         Rehearsal rooms A and B are located in the basement level.

4. Lobby of Building 13 

5. Building 36 

For those of you not familiar with MIT, Building 7 is the main entrance to MIT on Mass Ave (ie. big white pillars). 

Lindy Hop society map