Availability and Recommendation to WAIT for Windows Vista


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Good Evening,


Beginning January 31, 2007, Information Services and Technology

(IS&T) will make Windows Vista Enterprise available to faculty, staff and students for download through the Microsoft Campus Agreement (MSCA).  At the same time, IS&T will begin providing Limited Support of Windows Vista through the Computing Help Desk.



IS&T strongly recommends that the MIT community WAIT to upgrade to Windows Vista. We are making the latest Windows operating system available to the MIT community to empower the departments, labs, and centers (DLCs) to make their own decision as to when the time is right to move to Windows Vista. The timing coincides with Microsoft's release of Windows Vista to the consumer market and we wish to avoid unnecessary purchases of Vista licenses already covered through MSCA.


If you are purchasing new computers, we recommend purchasing the machine with Windows XP Professional and consulting our hardware recommendations available at <http://web.mit.edu/ist/services/ hardware/presales.html> to ensure the computer you purchase will be viable for the next 3-4 years.



Many products that are important or critical to productive and safe computing at MIT do not work, including:

- TSM (backup)

- SAPgui

- Cisco VPN

- Authenticated Printing (e.g., Athena Clusters)

- Matlab

- Mathematica


IT support providers need time to learn Windows Vista to be ready to support you. Please check with your local IT Support Providers as to their readiness to support your IT needs.



IS&T support for Windows Vista will be phased in over time.  

Beginning on Tuesday, we will be prepared to offer support for:

- configuring the network (both wireless and wired)

- activating Vista via on the MIT Network


As new products become available that work with Windows Vista we will increase the support provided, eventually recommending Windows Vista.  Support for Windows XP Professional will remain available well after the recommendation for Windows Vista is made.



When you are ready to acquire your copy of Windows Vista, visit the MIT Software Download Site at:



Microsoft media for Windows Vista Enterprise will be distributed to the Software Liaisons identified for each DLC once it is available from Microsoft.


Limited MIT documentation for Windows Vista, including links to training can be found at:



For assistance, contact the Computing Help Desk at (617) 253-1101 or computing-help@mit.edu or submit a request via the web at:



For more details on the Windows Vista release project, visit the Vista Release Project Notebook at: