The Creative Learning Exchange


The Creative Learning Exchange encourages a view of education for primary and secondary schools based on discovery as the essence of the learning process. This view advocates systems education implemented through learner-centered learning.

The Exchange facilitates communication among teachers and schools and will solicit teaching materials and ideas from participating teachers. After reviewing and editing, the Exchange reproduces materials and sends them out to educators at cost. The material to be exchanged includes:

While supporting the introduction of systems education in schools, the Exchange uses the concepts of system dynamics to learn about the process of education in this country and use the knowledge gained to aid in the introduction of systems education to the educational establishment.

Taken from The Creative Learning Exchange brochure (1992).

CLE Newsletter

Here's the latest newsletter dated Late Fall 1996 from the CLE. Previous newsletters are also available.

These newsletters are made available in the Adobe Acrobat format. For more information on reading these documents, please see our Acrobat help page.

CLE List of Materials

There is an annotated list of available CLE documents.

To find out more about the Creative Learning Exchange, contact:

Lees Stuntz, Executive Director
The Creative Learning Exchange
1 Keefe Road
Acton, MA 01720
Phone: (508) 287-0070
Fax: (508) 287-0080

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