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System dynamics is a method for studying the world around us. It deals with understanding how complex systems change over time. Internal feedback loops within the structure of the system influence the entire system behavior.

Education is an important area of application for system dynamics. Together with learner-centered learning, it forces the learner to become actively involved. The wide range of applications for system dynamics makes it an excellent tool for integrating the material of many subjects.

The System Dynamics in Education Project (SDEP) is a group of students and staff in the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, working under the guidance of Professor Jay W. Forrester, the founder of system dynamics.

Road Maps

The primary project of the group is writing the Road Maps series. Road Maps is a series of self-study guides that use modeling exercises and selected literature to provide a resource for learning about the principles and practices of system dynamics. Road Maps is an ongoing project but the first seven chapters are complete and available at this time.

K-12 Email Discussion Group
We are maintaining a K-12 system dynamics email list that discusses the use of system dynamics and systems thinking in K-12 education.

Creative Learning Exchange
The Creative Learning Exchange was founded to serve as a networking hub for K-12 educators interested in using system dynamics in schools.

System Dynamics Group
The System Dynamics Group at MIT is working on several research projects about system dynamics.

System Dynamics Society
The System Dynamics Society encourages the development and use of system dynamics around the world.

Index of Papers Online
An annotated index of papers about system dynamics that are available for downloading from this website.

Links to the Rest of the World...
There are many other links which you can explore to learn more about computer modeling and simulation.

We also have a ftp site where a version of Road Maps and all other downloadable documents from this website are available.

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