Lees Stuntz

Lees N. Stuntz, Executive Director of the Creative Learning Exchange, founded the organization in 1991 under the direction of a Board of Trustees which includes Jay Forrester, the founder of the field of system dynamics. She used her experience in building organizations from the volunteer sector to found this networking and curricuulm exchange center for all K-12 educators interested in systems thinking and dynamic modeling in a learner-centered environment.

She has traveled throughout the United States to visit schools and lend teachers and administrators her support. Contact with the foremost system dynamics modelers in the field through her work with Jay Forrester and George Richardson has combined with her firsthand knowledge of what is actually happening in school systems with systems education to give her a unique prespective. On a personal side, she is a parent of five children, ages 12-25, and has served on the School Committees in her hometown for the last seven years.

The greatest benefit to working in this field is the friendship of all the wonderful people whom she has met!!!

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