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The System Dynamics in Education Project (SDEP) is a part of the undergraduate work study program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Project was founded in 1990, and its primary focus is the use of system dynamics and learner-centered learning in education. SDEP is a group of students working under the supervision of Prof. Jay W. Forrester, founder of system dynamics.

The group is writing Road Maps which is a guide to learning system dynamics. Road Maps is a series of self-study guides that use various modeling exercises and selected literature to provide a simple and easily understandable way for learning the methods and principles of system dynamics which will be available online soon.

Nan Lux, the Project advisor, runs the K-12 system dynamics email list that serves as an email discussion group where people can share their insights on using system dynamics and system thinking in K-12 education.

The material prepared by SDEP can be obtained through the Creative Learning Exchange.


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The System Dynamics in Education Project has been made possible by a generous gift from John R. Bemis of Concord, Massachusetts.

"Education has always been seen as a teaching-driven process in which we tell students how things work. We can't resist using teaching as a pump to push answers into students instead of using the natural suction of questions coming from the urge for discovery that is part of all of us from birth."

From Wondering Thoughts About Education, John Bemis, March 1990.

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