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The Technology and Culture Forum at MIT sponsors lectures and symposia that address critical issues of our time. The programs explore the role of science and technology in promoting positive social, ecological, and economic change. In addition, they stimulate discussion about the ethical implications of scientific discovery and technological innovation.

Noam Chomsky

“The Forum has played a highly constructive role in bringing critical issues to the attention of the campus and the community, and fostering discussion and active engagement. For me personally, it has been a great privilege to be able to participate over the years, occasions I always look forward to with much anticipation.”

Noam Chomsky


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ID Fair

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Summer 2014

Many thanks to all of our speakers, participants, supporters and audience members for a great year! We are busy planning for 2014-2015 and invite you to check back during the summer months. See you in September! Thank you.


Nothing to Hide?
Illusions of Privacy and Security

Friday, June 13
MIT Museum; 265 Massachusetts Avenue
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Getting Beyond Us and Them:
Our Brains and the Possibility of Peace

Tuesday, February 4
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Small Risk, Catastrophic Consequence:
The Challenge of Nuclear Terrorism

Jim Walsh
Wednesday, November 20
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What happens in our brains when we think about people we consider enemies? Can we truly love our enemies?

How will we be affected by the increasing shortage of fresh drinking water? Is access to water a human right?

Who owns our genes, or the genes of the plants and animals we eat? What do the recent Supreme Court decisions about gene patenting mean for our lives?

Do new methods of online accessing of music, video, film and other intellectual and artistic property create an unfair compensatory environment?

What’s on your mind? We’d love to hear from you about the questions that matter in your life.

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International Development at MIT

For over a decade, T&C has been a partner in hosting events to inform the MIT community about student projects, labs, programs, courses and numerous initiatives in international development. In addition, T&C co-produces a Guide to International Development at MIT. Click here for the most recent edition to the Guide 2013-2014.

For a comprehensive listing of international events taking place throughout the Boston area, please go to the Boston Network for International Development.

Click here to read our 2012-2013 Annual Report