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The Technology and Culture Forum at MIT sponsors lectures and symposia that address critical issues of our time. The programs explore the role of science and technology in promoting positive social, ecological, and economic change. In addition, they stimulate discussion about the ethical implications of scientific discovery and technological innovation.


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ID Fair

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Upcoming Programs

Iran, The Bomb, and Nuclear Disarmament: Understanding the Call to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

Tuesday, September 30
32-155 - click here for map

Why Nuclear Weapons Still Matter:
Conventional War and Nuclear Escalation

Wednesday, October 1
4-163 - click here for map

Work on Purpose
A Series of Workshops and Dinner

Mondays; October 20, 27 and November 3
Maseeh Hall

Finding Courage: The Roots of our Moral Choices
T&C's 50th Anniversary Forum

Thursday, November 6
32-123 - click here for map


Nothing to Hide?
Illusions of Privacy and Security

Friday, June 13
MIT Museum; 265 Massachusetts Avenue
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Getting Beyond Us and Them:
Our Brains and the Possibility of Peace

Tuesday, February 4
Click here to watch a video of this program.

Small Risk, Catastrophic Consequence:
The Challenge of Nuclear Terrorism

Jim Walsh
Wednesday, November 20
Click here for a video of this program
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