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Technology shapes the modern world and MIT is a world leader in shaping technology. It is imperative that MIT students, faculty, and staff, not only engage in, but lead the dialogue about the potential change. For forty years, the Technology and Culture Forum has provided the only on-going, Institute-wide arena for such issues to be discussed.

Chitra Kumar

...In a time when scientific analysis and technological development, which drive public policy-making, are disputed and manipulated by special interests, T&C's role at MIT has never been more important. Unlike student organizations whose leadership wax and wane, T&C has consistently influenced the MIT community through it's unique structure over the past 40 years.

Chitra Kumar, Past President of MIT Student Pugwash

  Cassandra Roth

The ethics seminar was a great opportunity to take time out of my hectic weekly schedule to share a meal with people with similar interest in learning aboutour moral obligations and the human condition. By sharing our opinions and learning together, we all grew-as students, citizens,and friends.”

Catherine Olsson

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Support the Technology and Culture Forum

The Technology and Culture Forum depends on the financial support of people like you who value our work. Although certain offices and academic programs help sponsor specific programs from time to time, our general operating expenses are not funded by MIT.

If you support our mission and value our programs, please consider donating to our operating expenses or our endowment. Please go to MIT's website for giving. This link will take you to the unrestricted fund. In the search designations window to the left, enter Technology & Culture Forum Fund (3919400).

If you'd like to send a check, please make the check payable to: The Technology and Culture Forum at MIT

and send c/o:

Patricia Weinmann
Building W11
40 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

What will the next 40 years of our organization bring? Building on our history of inspiring, informing and challenging the MIT community, our vision includes new initiatives, including:

1. providing the means for every MIT undergraduate to learn to articulate his or her vocational ethical commitments through a new cluster of programs developed in partnership with the MIT Housemasters, MIT Public Service Center, UROP program and others.

2. sharing the concerns and wisdom of T&C speakers with the world more effectively by making our website a useful educational tool


“...It is an honor to be invited to talk at the MIT Technology and Culture Forum. This is now a famous, nationally visible series of programs. You've had a very distinguished array of speakers, and I believe it is a role model spanning the gap between the natural and social sciences...”
Dr. Frank Press
Former President, National Academy of Science
The Technology and Culture Forum: "Global Climate Change"