Executive Board

Casey Denham
Casey is a senior majoring in Aerospace Enginnering. She always wanted to do taekwondo as a child, but instead joined the club after taking the PE class her freshman fall. Casey is most likely to be found talking (most often about NASA, airplanes, or North Carolina) or generally acting hyper at all hours of the day.
Kevin Hu
Vice President of External Relations
Kevin is a senior majoring in Biological Engineering. He joined the MIT Sport TKD club as a freshman even though he doesn't like kicking people. When not in the dojang, he can be found sleeping in a public area. He also eats. And practices his fierce poomsae face
Yang Dai
Vice President of Operations and Fundraising
"Yang is a junior majoring in computer science. She possesses an adventurous taste for food, and can sometimes be found snacking on cicadas and experimenting with unique combinations like yogurt+goldfish+onion rings. She loves mushrooms, especially ones with little bugs on them (yum, protein!). When she isn't eating, beating the pros at chess, and making vertical sidekicks look effortless, Yang can be found trying to trick her friends into watching horror movies."
Tahin Syed
Tahin is a graduate student in Computer Science. He started Taekwondo and joined the after his second year at MIT, where he discovered his love for kicking people. He also enjoys eating and hanging out with the team.
Andy Guatemala
Tournament Coordinator
Andy is a junior majoring in Aerospace Engineering with Information Technology. She started taekwondo at the age of 10 and recieved her junior black belt 3 years later. About a year after she got her black belt, Andy took a 4 year hiatus from Taekwondo but is now practicing again! When not training, she can be found riding her tailless horse or painting.


Jean Chow
Publicity Chair, Webmaster
"Jean is a sophomore majoring in neuroscience and loves eating crunchy food such as carrots. She dislikes cheese and is an amazing artist. Jean aspires to do a full split after this year and gives everyone permission to tickle her if she doesn't accomplish this. P.S. Jean loves horror movies so make sure to email her links to some good horror trailers."
Eric Chen
Social Chair
Jessica Yang
Social Chair
Jessica has always enjoyed sports and began Taekwondo in the Fall of her freshman year. Currently a junior studying Economics and Management Science, she aspires to a career in business. Jessica's favorite part about MIT is kicking, sparring, and hanging out with the team. She also loves New York, ice cream, and cute things.
Olga Shestopalova
Social Chair
Rachel Harris
Equipment Manager
Eric Klinkhammer
Equipment Manager
Meredith Benson
Media Chair
Chris Williams
Alumni Chair