The MIT Sport Taekwondo Club was founded in 2000 by Master Dan Chuang, Christina Park ('04), Chinedum Osuji ('99) and Conor Madigan (PhD '07) with the goal to establish an active club on the MIT campus that practiced Olympic-style Taekwondo. The club was founded with two very important agendas in mind: to provide continued support and training for those already experienced in Taekwondo, and also to introduce and teach the martial art to those who had never tried it before.

The club has since exploded in popularity and competitive success, winning the Overall Collegiate National Championship 4 years later, along with 4 consecutive Ivy/Northeast Collegiate Taekwondo League championships. It has become a thriving community of over 50 teamates, athletes and friends... and it's still growing. In 2009, MIT reclaimed the newly renamed ECTC league title from powerhouse Cornell and topped the season off with another Overall Collegiate National Championship title.

New members are always welcome at any time to the MIT Sport Taekwondo Club. Absolutely NO experience is required - just lots of enthusiasm and a willingness to get a great workout. Of course, those who have previous Taekwondo or other martial arts experience are also always welcome to continue their training with us. We encourage everyone to give it a try and experience Taekwondo for themselves.

Please contact us at if you have any questions or want more information about joining the club.

What does the club do?

The Sport Taekwondo Club provides students of all experience levels an opportunity to learn and improve their skills and to grow as martial artists. By being a part of the club, members have the following opportunities:

Get a great workout.
Classes and workouts are held 4 times per week and are a great way to stay fit in a fun, safe environment.

Meet new people.
Club members grow closer through the shared experience of learning and overcoming new challenges.

Learn Olympic-Style sparring.
Students can learn about and participate in full-contact Olympic-style sparring.

Travel to competitions.
The Sport Taekwondo club sponsors a competition team that travels all over the northeast to compete against students from other colleges such as Harvard, Cornell, Princeton and NYU. For a list of all schools in our league, please visit the ECTC website.