IQ 1999 Call for Papers

The 1999 Conference on Information Quality (IQ'99) will be held atthe MIT Sloan School of Management from October 22 (Friday evening) to October 24 (Sunday noon), 1999. The purpose of the conference is to promote the exchange of knowledge about IQ research and practice. Updated information on the conference will be available at our web site
The conference program will include tracks of practice papers, research papers, panel sessions, and tutorial sessions. Panels should pose an interesting question and list discussants on each side of the issue. Tutorials should present a review of accepted practice in IQ management or a survey of an IQ research area. Questions about panel and tutorial ideas should be directedto the program co-chairs. IQ 1999 strongly encourage practitioners to submit concise papers (range from 3-10 Pages) that distill experiences, lessons and perspectives. These papers will be fast tracked for acceptance.

Suggested Topics (but not limited to):
  • IQ in the contect of:
    • The internet and the web
    • Electronic commerce
    • Data mining and data warehouses
    • Continuous process improvement and TQM
  • IQ concept tools, metrics, measures, and methodologies
  • IQ policies and standards
  • IQ improvement case studies
  • Experience reports on IQ practices
  • Effects on data quality
  • Explicit and hidden costs of data quality
  • Cost/benefit analysis of IQ improvement

Please send 4 copies (and an electronic text version, if available) of your paper, panel, or tutorial submission to the following address by the June 26th deadline:
  • Prof. Giri Kumar Tayi
  • SUNY Albany
  • Department of MSIS
  • School of Business
  • 1400 Washington Ave
  • Albany, NY 12222
  • ATTN: IQ'99
Conference Co-Chairs
Stuart E. Madnick
MIT Sloan School of Management
+01 617.253.6671
Richard Y. Wang
MIT and BU
+01 617.787.3839

Program Co-Chairs
Yang W. Lee
Northeastern University
+01 617.373.5052
Prof. Giri Kumar Tayi
State University of New York at Albany
+01 518.442.4947

Key Deadlines (1999)
  • June 16: Submission deadline for papers, panels, and tutorials
  • August 16: Notification of Acceptance
  • September 20: Camera ready copy and registration due for at least one author (Fee: US$200)
  • September 30: Registration deadline for US$200 fee
  • October 22: IQ 1999 Conference Starts

Conference Registration and Paper Submissions
The conference registration fee is payable to "Conference on Information Quality". Space permitting, late registration will be allowed at a late registration fee of $300.

Registration checks should be sent to:
  • Prof. Giri Kumar Tayi
  • SUNY Albany
  • MSIS, School of Business
  • 1400 Washington Ave
  • Albany, NY 12222
  • ATTN: IQ'99