Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 20:28:16 -0500

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From: Richard Wang <rwang@MIT.EDU>

Subject: MIT-IQ Certification Program, IQM-I, August 11-15, 2003


Dear Colleagues and Friends of DQ/IQ,


          At MIT Information Quality Program, we are planning to offer Information Quality Management I: Principles and Foundations certificate program again from August 11-15, 2003 with a maximum of 20 participants. A favor: If you plan to send your folks for IQM-I in August, please visit ASAP. (IQM-I, May 19-23 offering is fully booked).


          Concurrently, we are discussing what should constitute Intermediate Information Quality Management (IQM-II). Please let me know if you would be interested in help shaping IQM-II. Two pre-requisites that we envision for IQM-II are: (1) passed IQM-I exams and (2) completed an IQ Project, documented, evaluated, and posted at the MIT-IQ Program web site for public access (name and organization can be disguised as a Major International Bank or European Hospital). Your experience, knowledge, and insight will help us to advance the field as a scientific discipline.


          A gentle reminder that the ICIQ paper submission deadline is June 25, 2003. See for details. As in ICIQ-02, the conference organizers will try to contact journals for possible fast track or special issue for papers accepted for publication at ICIQ-03 (stay tuned).






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