Dear DQ/IQ colleagues (in the bcc list),
    * The tentative program schedule for ICIQ-03 (MIT IQ
conference) is posted at (ICIQ home page).

    * Acxiom Corp. and U.C. Berkeley's CITM have elected to be Gold
Sponsors of ICIQ-03.
    * U.C. Berkeley (
sponsors one year of free download of papers in the 1996 ICIQ Conference
Proceedings, as operational at
    * Acxiom ( has chosen to sponsor ICIQ-03
Proceedings, which will be operational when the proceedings is available.
    * If you are interested in becoming an ICIQ-03 Gold Sponsor or just
want to "adopt a proceedings", please contact me directly.
    * ICIQ-03 features fee-based pre-conference tutorial (John Zachman) and
post-conference tutorials (Earl Hadden and Alan Alborn). Also, Mr. Zachman
has tentatively agreed to keynote ICIQ-03 (Saturday, Nov. 8th).
    * Reminder of MIT Information Quality Certification Course IQ-I:
Principles and Foundations (10-14 Nov 2003),
      We look forward to seeing you at MIT on November 7th.


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