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  Video Conferencing

Host lectures, presentations, special events, and meetings in advanced distance education and videoconferencing facilities that accommodate between 10 and 100 people.

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Audio and Teleconferencing


Audio and teleconference capability is available for three-party conferencing on all MIT 5ESS telephones. For more information, see:


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Web Conferencing


IS&T offers several options for web conferencing.For more information, see:


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Access Grid Video Conferencing

The Access Grid is an integrated presentation environment which supports large-scale collaborations from distributed meetings, seminars, lectures, to tutorials and training. It provides high-quality, real-time audio and video over high-speed networks to facilitate group-to-group communications, both formal and informal, and interfaces with grid middleware and visualization environments.


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Do-It-Yourself Options

For a low-cost solution to individuals needing to connect with professional quality video-conferencing systems from remote locations, learn more about Movi, a PC-based format that is compatible with larger-scale H.264 formats. Movi is supported and administered through AMPS.


For point-to-point connectivity between individuals, we recommend self-service solutions such as Skype and iChat.


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