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Copyright Guideliness and Resources at MIT

Nearly everything that is "published" is owned (copyrighted) by someone, and there are laws and policies that affect putting such material on the Web for your course or for any other purpose. For information on copyright, refer to the continually evolving Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which not only protects ownership, but also provides useful exceptions for educational and other authorized purposes.


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Student Privacy Policy

The MIT Student Information Policy provides clear restrictions on making student work – including as a presentation or discussion within a larger video – available to the public without clear permission:

   "Before making class information available more generally, (e.g. on a web page that is accessible to others at MIT beyond the class and/or to the public) faculty must receive permission from each student to post identification photographs and information."

When making a recording of a setting in which students are present

1.  Provide clear notification of the taping. Signs on doors leading to the room and verbal notification at the start of the session are sufficient for this.


2.  When possible, identify a “no taping” area. This is an area of the room that will not be visible on screen (generally the back).



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