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Output Standards for Physical Media

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There are specific standards you'll need to follow when formatting video on physical media. Please use the following:


arrow green For video DVDs, compress to an MPEG2 format with audio as an AC3 or AIFF and use a DVD authoring program such as DVD Studio Pro or iDVD to author and burn your DVD.
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For tape, connect your tape recording deck to your editing station and put it in Record mode. Use your editing software to "Play to tape" to allow the computer to send the video signal to your recording deck. Then hit "record" on your deck to record the video coming in from the computer.


arrow green For Data Storage Discs (DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, Flash thumb drive, Compact Flash (CF), Secure Digital (SD), etc.) you may use whatever file type fits to your particular media's size limitation and suits your purpose. Typically, data discs are used for archiving, sending to another location, and computer playback.



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