Frequently asked questions

What does "Indus origin" mean?

A person would classify as being of Indus origin if he/she satisfies one or more of the following criteria:

  • is a citizen of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, or Nepal.
  • held a passport of any of these South Asian countries at any time.
  • Either of his/her parents, or grandparents, or great-grandparents, were born in or permanently resided in any of these South Asian countries.

Who is eligible for the GITA award?

Any person of Indus origin, resident anywhere in the world, under the age of 40 (born after January 1, 1968) who has made outstanding technological or entrepreneurial contributions may be nominated in any one of following five broad categories. However, we also welcome nominations that do not exactly fit one of these broad categories.

  • Biotechnology / Medicine / Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Information Technology
  • Materials and Devices
  • Grassroots Technology

How much information about the nominee do I need to provide in order to nominate someone for this award?

Except where explicitly mentioned, all information asked for is regarding your nominee. The nomination form asks for some preliminary biographical information about the nominee, including:

  • Current professional position *
  • Current professional affiliation *
  • Notable achievements *
  • Professional publications of the nominee
  • Commercial Initiatives including products, services or businesses either initiated or significantly contributed to by nominee
  • Press coverage about the nominee and his or her work
  • Resume

The fields marked by an asterisk indicate required information. However, we request that you provide as much information about the nominee as possible and it is ok if the complete resume and other details about the nominee are not available at the moment. We suggest that you submit as much infomration about the nominee as is currently available and provide us your contact information. This will allow our screening committee to get in touch with you and work towards gathering complete information about the nominee.

Why do you ask for nominator's information in the nomination form?

We ask for the nominator's contact information, so that we may be able to contact them to request more information about the nominee. Please note that the nominator can choose to remain anonymous if so desired. IBC @ MIT affirms that this information will not be disclosed either to the nominee or to any other organization.

On what basis are the nominations evaluated?

Nominations are evaluated on the following scales:

  • Ingenuity
  • Potential impact
  • Breakthrough Invention or discovery
  • Substantial contribution to a research
  • Entrepreneurial initiative and commercial potential

When will the nominations for 2008 begin?

Nominations for 2008 are now closed. Nominations for 2009 would begin in May 2009

What is the process for evaluating nominations?

Nominations are invited through an open nomination call, which extends through mid-August. The nominations are publicized in North America, Europe and Asia. In past years, nominations were received from about 15 countries over the world. The nominations are screened by a team of graduate students and young professionals in and around MIT and further evaluated by a distinguished panel of judges. Awardees are felicitated in a ceremony held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the end of the year.

Is this event organized by MIT?

This event is organized by the Indian Business Club @ MIT, an initiative of the Indian Student's Organization (Sangam) at MIT.

How many nominations did you receive in the previous year?

We received more than 110 nominations from over 10 countries in 2007.

I am from the press. I need more information about the awards ?

Please contact

If I reside in the Greater Boston area, and want to be part of the screening committee for 2008, whom can I contact?

Please send an e-mail to with a brief introduction and your area of interest.

Whom can I contact regarding sponsorship for these awards?

Please send an e-mail to The sponsorship package for GITA 2008 can be accessed here.