Send us your:
Photos of MIT!
Videos of Friends!
Photos of Activities!
Videos of experiments or inventions!

Who is this for?

All MIT Faculty, Staff and Students.

When is my submission due?

As soon as you can.

What can I submit?

Any photo or short video (10 sec. max).

How many can I submit?

As many as you want.

Who do I ask if I have questions?

Email us at or try us on IM: MITTechTV


MIT is home, school, and work place to a rich and diverse community of students, faculty and staff.  Each member of this community sees MIT through their own unique lens.  "YourMIT" is a compilation of photos and video clips, contributed by the community, that reflect the diversity of experience and the tapestry that is MIT.  

Become part of YourMIT by submitting your photos and videos today. Share your exclusive obsevations and visions with MIT and the world by participating in YourMIT.

When we have enough submissions to make a production video, we will contact those who submit works, as well as inform the MIT Comunity as a whole, for the premeire viewing and how to access the video to share with friends.


Send your submissions (photos/videos) to

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