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teresa hernandez

office:  eyetools, inc.
            90 new montgomery, suite 230
            san francisco, ca 94105

phone: 415.538.0013
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Welcome to my personal webpage. If you are looking for information regarding Eyetools, Inc. or eyetracking and usability, please visit eyetools.com. If you are looking for information about me, you'll find that info in the next paragraph.

Until recently, I was a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, in the Vision Science Program. I was very lucky to work in Cliff Schor's lab, studying ocular motor control models and saccadic eye movements. Recently, I joined the team at Eyetools, Inc. as Director of Research. We analyze eye movements and other behavioral data in order to help our clients improve the usability of their websites and emails.

My other vision/usability related interests also include maximizing the effectiveness of online courseware and learning software, wearable computing, and understanding how age and experience effects the user expectations and behavior when viewing websites.

Before landing in the Bay Area, I majored in Cognitive Science at MIT, and worked for two years for Eric Schwartz at the University of Chicago.

I'm originally from Pueblo, Colorado, and am a lover of Southwest history, art, and storytelling. Performing arts are really my biggest weakness. I've been stage managing for several years now, and am working on a couple related projects (since I need to feed the addiction some way).

Favorite Optical Illusions

There is no real rhyme or reason as to why these particular illusions are here. I just find them fun. If you know who created these, please let me know so I can give them full credit.

Self-Portrait Of The Artist With Liquid Refreshment    by Julian Beever
Swimming-Pool In The High Street    by Julian Beever
Green Wavy Design
Impossible Seating    by Nob Yoshigahara
"Enigma"      by Isia Leviant
Twisted Cord   
Don Quixote    by Octavio Ocampo [artist's site]

Last Updated: 1/03/07

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Ok, actually the whole site is a work in progress,
but feel free to click around and see if I've
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