How do I enroll in Terrascope/Mission?
How to Apply: To apply for Mission 2017 Global Water Security, also known as MIT subject 12.000-Solving Complex Problems, go to the Class of 2017 Advising Choice page and choose Terrascope/Mission. You cannot be in Mission 2017 and Terrascope and also take a Freshman Advising Seminar because of the freshman credit limit.

If you are interested in a Residence-based Advising (RBA) residence, be sure to select the traditional advising option and also check the "Yes, I'd like to be in Mission 2017 and Terrascope" button, when asked for your advising preferences within the Summer Housing Lottery.

Note that the deadline for submitting the advising choice application (including Mission/Terrascope is June 15, 2013). If you are not able to meet this deadline, space in Mission/Terrascope may still be available.

If you are having trouble registering for our subject 12.000 (this is a 9 unit subject) - please contact Prof. Sam Bowring at 617-253-3775 or email him any time before the start of the semester.