How do I enroll in Terrascope/Mission?
To apply for Mission 2019 - Food Security, also known as MIT subject 12.000-Solving Complex Problems, choose Terrascope/Mission on the Class of 2019 Advising Application page.

Participants in the Terrascope community are enrolled in the subject 12.000 Solving Complex Problems, otherwise known as Mission 2019. Terrascope students are assigned a faculty advisor who is part of Terrascope. Throughout the year you will meet with your advisor as well as undergraduate associate advisors, individually and in small groups. If you plan to join Terrascope, be sure to select Terrascope as your preferred advising option on the advising application.

Note that the deadline for submitting the advising choice application, including Mission/Terrascope is June 15th, 2015. If you are not able to meet this deadline, space in Mission/Terrascope may still be available.

Need more information? Contact Debra Aczel (617-253-4074) any time before the start of the semester.