Looking for details on fall 2016? Visit this site after May 1st or contact us at terrascope@mit.edu and 617-253-4074

The Terrascope Community
Welcome to Terrascope!!

Unique aspects of Terrascope:
  • You are part of a close community
  • You interact with broad cross section of students, faculty, staff, and alumni mentors
  • Gain leadership experience
  • Experience in Teamwork with both small and large interdisciplinary teams
  • Gain valuable experience in research, debate, and conflict resolution, skills that will be useful throughout your stay at MIT
  • Alumni are fiercely dedicated to the success of Terrascope—ask one! Alumni mentors, from all over, are involved in helping with brainstorming and discussion
  • Most of the Terrascope community stays involved for all four years at MIT and beyond.

Meet some of the people who are here to help you:

Prof. David McGee: Kerr-McGee Career Development Assistant Professor
Faculty for Mission 2019
McGee web site

Prof. Charles Harvey: Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Lead faculty for spring subject, 1.016
Harvey web site

Dr. Ari Epstein: Lecturer, 1.016 and lead instructor for Terrascope Radio

Administrative Staff:
Emily Martin: Program Administrator
Room 16-177