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This filesystem will contain various thesis templates that can be used in
the aid of writing one's thesis. If you discover any problems with these
templates, pease send mail to <> along with a description of
the problem.

This file will be updated to reflect changes that are made to this
filesystem explaining their nature and what it affects.

Please remember to read the comments in the various template files,
especially the LaTeX thesis template files. A lot of the documentation and
options are embedded in the comments.

11/15/1989 Installed the scribe thesis templates from 6.3B release

11/16/1989 TeX thesis templates copied from SIPB

01/20/1990 Fixes to scribe/mitfor.lib
           a) [bugs 2404] dumping core with scribe7
           b) [bugs 3015] missing parenthesis found for non-
              postscript formatting
           c) [bugs 3720] spaces not being expanded 
              on title page in supervisors name
           d) [bugs 3947] permissions changed on files
              so user can copy and modify without chmod

03/28/1990 Fix for tex/samplethesis.bib Replace "&" with "and" to fix

06/27/1990 Fix to scribe/mitfig.lib [bugs 3946] for figure's in table of
           contents to be referenced by page for consistancy with
           tables. [drmorris]

09/18/1990 New TeX templates written by Krishna Sethuraman and Andrew
           Greene installed in tex. The old contents are in tex.old. See
           the README.text under tex for details on using the templates.

11/13/1990 [changes.72 996] - tex/chap1.tex and tex/main.tex did not
           properly declare/use tgrind

04/23/1991 [lwvanels] tex/chap1.tex tries to include sample program code
           which does not exist in templates.  Comment in code show how to
           put feature back in.

02/27/1992 Added thesis_spec.tec from the libraries to help users.
04/22/1992 [bjaspan] tex/cover.tex tex/mitthesis.sty Fixes for Course 6
           requirements for 1992 "All right reserved" not included for
           Course 6 "and to grant others the right..." in standard
           permission clause A second copy of an abstract is not counted
           as seperate pages thereby screwing pagecounts

07/08/1992 Updated version of thesis_spec.tec; libraries released a new

08/19/1992 Updated version of vi-thesis.doc; Anne Hunter released a new
           version.  Additionally, installed updated versions of the EZ
           course VI cover page, and tex/mitthesis.sty to reflect these
04/18/1997 quick change to tex/cover.tex per anne hunter's request.  added
           page numbers to abstract page and acknowledgments page, and
           made 1 abstract the default, instead of 2.

           note: course6/vi-thesis.doc needs to be updated at some point
           to reflect the new document anne has.

05/20/2003 The template "vi" was removed from the default inclusions in
           tex/main.tex. This template sets the default copyright to the
           student. The default is now MIT. You can easily revert to the
           previous configuration and attribution of copyright to yourself
           by including "vi" in your \documentclass[] line in main.tex, or
           replacing the \documentclass line with the commented one.
           Please read the comments in main.tex