Epsilon Theta

Campus Preview Weekend 2016

CPW is MIT's weekend for admitted students to explore MIT and decide if it is the place for them. During CPW, ET hosts events to meet the prefrosh and give them an idea of the ET culture. Come check us out!


For all events, meet us in Lobby 7 at the listed times (look for a person holding a bright yellow sign). Unless otherwise specified, we’ll head back to ET in our Great White Van for the event.

Thursday, April 7

Snacks + Board Games on Campus

13:00 in W20-407
Gaze upon the wonders of the world, deliver goods in space, and travel through time to the age of cats all while eating chips, hummus, and other snacks!

Pasta with ALL the Sauces and Falling in Lobby7

Alfredo, Pesto, and tomato sauce! Also garlic bread because who doesn't like garlic bread. Vegan options available! Play Falling with us in Lobby 7 as we wait for our van to take us there!

Food Tongue 101

Pear wonton pasta peach sauce food tongue? Come learn food tongue, a language in which every word is a food, by immersion. Meets in Lobby 7.

Games That Shouldn't Be Played That Way

Ever wanted to play DDR Smash? Battleship Twister? Blindfolded Jenga? Pick-your-own-role Mafia? Invent your own! Meets in Lobby 7.

Smash! and Fry Stuff

Come play everyone's favorite fighting game, Melee! Make new friends! Make new enemies! Getting hungry again? Eat freshly fried stuff! featuring deep fried oreos and other starchy things! It probably won't kill you.Meets in Lobby 7.

Friday, April 8

Snacks + Board Games on Campus

Arrange a beautiful fireworks display, perfectly optimize a family farm, and send love letters to a rich lady all while snacking on pretzels, carrots, and other snacks!

Make Your Own Pizza and Chess Variants in Lobby 7

Think you can put chains like Pizza Hut or Dominoes out of business? Put your skills to the test with the help of our amazing alums! Chess Master? Never played it before? Doesn't matter! Come play fun chess variants like Bughouse, Monster, and Suicide Bomber as we wait for our van in Lobby 7.

Laser Maze

Homemade laser security system, Nerf gun guards, puzzles, what else could budding spies want? Meets in Lobby 7.

Build a Thing out of Stuff

You have: 5 pipecleaners, a ball of rubber bands, 100 popsicle sticks, a mouse trap, a piece of string, 2 pencils, 4 paperclips, 10 sticks of glue with a hot glue gun, 2 plastic cups, 5 balloons, plus or minus whatever we have in the house. Go! Meets in Lobby 7.

Paint and Eat Healthy

Make things look prettier, uglier, or at least more exciting with a judicious application of paint! Tired of eating burgers and chips? Does your body yearn for nutrients? Come eat healthy food! Meets in Lobby 7.

Saturday, April 9


Strawberry Soup! Mango Soup! Tomato Soup! And some grilled cheese. Vegan options available, so come over and eat with us! Meets in Lobby 7.

Live Action Video Games

Are you a street fighter? If so: please be nice. If not: come pretend to be one in our (non-contact) live action video games! Meets in Lobby 7.

Fermi Questions

How many drops of water are in the ocean? How many apples does the average American eat per year? If you like fun or weird estimation questions, this is the event for you! Meets in Lobby 7.


Come to ET and try to fit as many ingredients into your taco without having its contents spill all over our living room! Vegan options available! Meets in Lobby 7.

Improv Games

Everything's made up and the points don't matter! Meets in Lobby 7.

Puzzle Hunt

Mystery Hunt wasn't enough for you? Never heard of it? Anything in between? Come participate in a mini-puzzle hunt, written by Thetans. Meets in Lobby 7.

Sily Video Games and Play with your Food

Tired of playing intense video games with all the serious MIT gamers? Try challenging them to a game of Regular Human Basketball or Octodad. Roll up a giant cookie! Nanananananananananana! Katamari damacookie! Meets in Lobby 7.

Getting to ET During CPW

The best way to get to our house is to meet one of us at Lobby 7 to catch our Great White Van (we’ll be holding ducks and signs). Make sure to check the detailed schedule for the van time.

You can also get to our house on the Cambridge West/Brookline Saferide. You’ll recognize us by the yellow house located right across the street from a park about 15 minutes into the route. Saferide runs from 6:00pm to 2:00am on Sunday through Wednesday, and from 6:00pm to 3:00am on Thursday through Saturday. On campus, you can catch Saferide at the turnaround behind the student center.

You can also call us to get a ride over. Call the house at 617-253-8888 . We will be happy to come get you no matter where you may be! (Unless you happen to be in Kansas or Neverland or something.)