Epsilon Theta

Fall Rush 2017

Rush is our way of getting to know potential house members - and their way of getting to know us. Rush starts on Saturday 2017-09-02, and lasts until Sunday 2017-09-10. During that time, we encourage all MIT students - including freshmen, upperclassmen, and graduate students - to come to our events and see if ET is a good fit for them.

Are you a down-to-earth person with a good sense of humor? Are you a fan of nerd culture (or eager to become one)? Want to become part of a tight-knit, supportive, intellectual community? If so, then you should definitely check us out.


For all events, meet us in Lobby 7 at the listed times (look for a person holding a bright yellow sign). Unless otherwise specified, we’ll head back to ET in our Great White Van for the event.

Saturday, September 2

All the Soups
Minestrone, Italian wedding soup, tomato soup, mango soup... Vegan options available.

Puzzle Hunt
Puzzles can be anything; you might not know the rules or structure, and it's never the same twice. Grab a pencil and some paper, join a team, and try to be the first to solve our Hunt.

Pasta with ALL the Sauces
Alfredo, Pesto, marinara... and a side of garlic bread. Vegan options available.

Reverse Turing Test
Try to differentiate between a computer pretending to be a human and a human pretending to be a computer pretending to be a human.

Is it Optimal to Betray Your Friends?
Cooperate with others, and you'll all do better; defect, and you'll personally gain. Make simulated decisions on Prisoner's Dilemma variants to earn pennies. Can you find a way to ensure that incentives favor cooperating?

Please balance the following chemical equation to maximize the product per reactants:
Blueberry + Mango + Strawberry + Banana + Ice -> Deliciousness
Vegan options available.

Games That Shouldn't Be Played That Way / DDR Smash
Sometimes rules were meant to be broken. What if we played Battleship with humans on a Twister mat? What if we combined Bughouse with Dominion? Smash on a DDR pad?

Sunday, September 3

Grilled Things
Our wonderul cook Karen made wonderful grilled things! Omnomnomnomnom. Vegan options available.

Board Games on Campus
13:30 in Room 4-149
Card games, speed games, word games, German-style games, cooperative games, secret-traitor games... there's something for everyone! And also snacks. Our board game collection is invading Room 4-149. Join us!

Make Your Own Pizza
How many toppings can you put on a pizza? Come find out! Vegan options available.

modular origami by Michal Kosmulski

Modular Origami
Fold squares of paper into a pattern (module) that we can join together to make a big beautiful shape. We'll have extra origami paper if you just want to play around, too.

ET Lightning Talks
Come learn about everything from special relativity to the history of Star Wars to how to tie your shoes faster in five minutes or less! You'll learn something new in a flash. Want to teach us something, too? Go for it!

Cookie Decorating
Frosting, sprinkles, chocolate... so much sugar! Vegan options available.

Monday, September 4

Frisbee, Capture the Flag, and Swordfighting
Defend your flag with one of our foam swords, engage in single combat with ET's best, or just toss a frisbee around; all in the lovely park across from ET.

"Scientific" Debate
Who needs data when you can conjure causation from thin air? Improvise causes and effects, in the grand tradition of scientific discovery!

Come to ET and try to fit as many ingredients into your taco as you can, without having its contents spill all over our living room! Vegan options available.

Minions of Darkness
ET is developing a strategy game where two teams battle across multiple boards. Teams try to collect resources on the board and to mass an army of various types of units with special abilities to defeat their opponent. Come play at the weekly playtest!

Escape the Room
Do you have what it takes to escape? Work with a team to solve our puzzles and get out of the room before it's too late!

Jam Session
Delicious jam and bread; musical jams; hopefully not traffic jams.

Hidden Traitor Games
Lying to your friends, trying to guess who's lying, using game evidence to puzzle out who must be lying... games where a few people secretly work against the rest, including Mafia, Werewolf, Resistance, etc.

Tuesday, September 5

Mao (on campus)
15:00 in Room 4-149
A card game about figuring out the rules and making up new ones. Every time you read this description beyond the first, you must do 5 jumping jacks.

Delicious curry with rice, veggies, and meat. Vegan options available.

A Rainbow of Gender, Relationships, Sexuality, and Snacks
17:15 (after dinner)
Hear about how our identities and experiences of gender, relationships, sexuality, or lack thereof have shaped our college lives, and share your own if you want. Allies welcome. We'll have rainbow snacks like Skittles and Queerios (sometimes called Froot Loops).

Hack, Punt, Tool
Hack, Punt, Tool, is a musical by MIT students about hacking and MIT life in general. Come watch the shiny new recording, featuring the hard work of multiple thetans.

Root beer with vanilla ice cream, 7Up with sherbert, iced tea with berries...so many possibilities!

Wednesday, September 6

We Didn't Playtest This At All
A silly card game with dinosaurs and kitten ambushes! Join us for a few rounds as we wait for our van in Lobby 7.

Breakfast for Dinner
French toast, pancakes, eggs, bacon, fresh fruit... Vegan options available.

Regular Human Basketball and Other Silly Video Games
They're not mainstream, and they're kinda ridiculous, but they're fun! Join us for some Regular Human Basketball, Ultimate Chicken Horse, and other games you might not have heard of.

Mini Video Game Tournament
Come play a bunch of silly two player flash games that no one has played before. The winner of our thrilling tournament will get an equally exciting prize!

Blind Taste Test
Can you taste the difference between Coke and Pepsi? Hershey's and Dove chocolate? Different types of apples? Test your taste buds while munching on tasty snacks.

Thursday, September 7

Chess Variants
Come play fun chess variants like Bughouse, Monster, and Suicide Bomber, or hang out and talk as we wait for our van in Lobby 7.

Mac and Cheese
A yummy dinner, complete with veggies and dessert. Vegan pasta available.

Code Golfing OR How to Code
if you.KnowHowToCode:

Live Action Algorithms
Really bad sorting algorithms, acted out in real time! (Or not, if they're bad enough that that would take forever.) In the silliest form of education possible, we'll start with some actually decent algorithms, then learn about bogosort, spaghetti sort, destroy-the-universe sort, frogsort, and more.

Exponential Salsa
Chip away at our salsa with exponentially growing scores on the Scoville scale.

Friday, September 8

Number Puzzles
Sudoku, Kenken, Kakuro, Futoshiki, Nurikabe, Slitherlink, Dominosa, Nonogram, Shikaku... solve your favorite number/logic puzzles, and try some new ones. Or hang out and talk as we wait for our van in Lobby 7.

Make Your Own Sushi
Become a master sushi chef! Or make a sushi burrito, or just eat sushi ingredients off your plate with a fork, I guess...
Vegan options available.

A small tool and a short lesson can have you opening locks like you're hardk0re. (No, the tool isn't a key to that specific lock.)

Fermi Questions
Estimate stuff to within an order of magnitude, for sufficiently ridiculous values of "stuff". A past question: if you melted down the Statue of Liberty and used all the copper for making pennies, how many Statue of Liberty foam hats could you buy at the tourist gift shop using those pennies?

Blanket Fort
Come build an EPIC BLANKET FORT!

Gooey marshmallowy chocolatety goodness. Vegan options available.

Saturday, September 9

Chil[l|i] with us for lunch. Sides of cornbread and silly conversations. Vegan options available.

Come to Sky Zone with us! It's a local trampoline park with foam pits, trampoline dodgeball, and a bouncy obstacle course.

Are you fond of fondue? Vegan options available.

Sidewalk Chalk
Leave inspirational messages, beautiful art, or hopscotch boards for passersby. Also, harness the mystical and unnatural power of glow-in-the-dark chalk!

Laser Maze
Dodge your way through our homemade laser security system to rescue the stuffed animals and escape before it's too late!

Live Action Katamari Damacookie
Cookie dough! Take a ball of it and roll up everything smaller in a cookie arena! At the end we'll bake and eat ridiculously large cookies.

Sunday, September 10

Yummy quesadillas! Join us for lunch. Vegan options available.

Board Games on Campus
13:30 in Room 4-153
We have about a hundred games in our (Bug)house, and whatever Code Names you've Settled on for your favorite board games, probably someone in our Dominion agrees. Play old favorites or let us Tichu new ones! Our board game collection is invading Room 4-153. Join us!

Make Your Own Ramen
Ramen can be so much more than just noodles and broth. Choose your own ingredients!

Laser Maze
Did you miss it yesterday? You have another chance! Dodge your way through our homemade laser security system to rescue the stuffed animals and escape before it's too late!

Silly LARPs
Our short games of Live Action Role Playing will have you living the life of a fly on a wall, a wall, a goat, or even a cabbage. Come get a taste of some short and silly collaborative storytelling.

Eat Healthy! (and Play with Your Food)
Who can build the tallest tower out of carrots and toothpicks? Are bananas structural? How far can you launch a grape using apples? Come play and eat with us.

Getting to ET During Rush

The best way to get to our house is to meet one of us at Lobby 7 to catch our Great White Van (we’ll be holding ducks and signs). Make sure to check the detailed schedule for the van time.

You can also get to our house on the Cambridge West/Brookline Saferide. You’ll recognize us by the yellow house located right across the street from a park about 15 minutes into the route. Saferide runs from 6:00pm to 2:00am on Sunday through Wednesday, and from 6:00pm to 3:00am on Thursday through Saturday. On campus, you can catch Saferide at the turnaround behind the student center.

You can also call us to get a ride over. Call the house at 617-253-8888 . We will be happy to come get you no matter where you may be! (Unless you happen to be in Kansas or Neverland or something.)


We extend invitations, known as "bids," to join Epsilon Theta throughout the rush period. When you accept a bid, you have joined our tight-knit community. If our way of life appeals to you, you can come spend time with our members, ask lots of questions, and get a good feel for how our house works.

Our semester-long Pledge Program serves as a lively introduction to ET and MIT, and involves everything from a puzzle-solving adventure through the city of Boston to organizing our annual Halloween Party. Pledges have full house privileges and can hold elected positions at ET. It’s probably obvious, but we don’t haze either.