Epsilon Theta

CPW 2019

CPW is MIT's weekend for admitted students to explore MIT and decide if it is the place for them. During CPW, ET hosts events to meet the prefrosh and give them an idea of the ET culture. Come check us out!

Are you a down-to-earth person with a good sense of humor? Are you a fan of nerd culture (or eager to become one)? Want to become part of a tight-knit, supportive, intellectual community? If so, then you should definitely visit us!


For all events without an on-campus location, meet us in Lobby 7 at the listed times (look for a person holding a bright yellow sign). Unless otherwise specified, we’ll head back to ET in our Great White Van for the event.

Thursday, April 11th

Board Games + Snacks on Campus
11:00-16:45 in W20-400
Card games, speed games, word games, German-style games, cooperative games, secret-traitor games... there's something for everyone! And also snacks. Join us!

Chess Variants + Word Games
16:45 in Lobby 7
Come play fun chess variants like Bughouse, Monster, and Suicide Bomber, or play word games like Boggle, Bananagrams, Paperback, and more. Make words, make moves, and make friends!

Pasta with All the Sauces
Pesto, marinara, and alfredo available to top an infinite amount of pasta. Sides of garlic bread and garden salad. Vegan options available.

Turing Test Variants
In the Turing Test, a computer tries to fool a human into thinking it's a human. Now, you pretend to be (1) a chatbot (2) an MIT student (3) anything you want! Can you fool the audience in these Turing Test Variants?

The Great Duck Conundrum
The Great Duck Conundrum is to a game of Simon Says as the Sun is to a candle. You'll be given exact instructions for how to solve the Conundrum and save the ducklings, but good luck following them without making a mistake...

Telephone Pictionary Charades
Act out a drawing based on acting based on a drawing...can you guess the original message after all these layers of indirection?

Gooey marshmallowy chocolatety goodness!

Friday, April 12th

Board Games + Snacks on Campus
9:00-16:45 in W20-400
We're always happy to play board games; any time, any place. Join us this morning and afternoon in W20!

Hidden Traitor Games
15:30 in W20-400
Lying to your friends, trying to guess who's lying, using game evidence to puzzle out who must be lying... games where a few people secretly work against the rest, including Mafia, Werewolf, Resistance, Chameleon, and Witch Hunt.

Number Puzzles + Bubble Blowing
16:45 in Lobby 7
Sudoku, Kenken, Kakuro, Futoshiki, Nurikabe, Slitherlink, Dominosa, Nonogram, Shikaku... solve your favorite number/logic puzzles, and try some new ones. Or hang out and blow bubbles as we wait for our van in Lobby 7!

Make Your Own Pizza
How many toppings can you put on a pizza? Come find out! Vegan options available.

Puzzle Hunt
Puzzles can be anything; you might not know the rules or structure, and it's never the same twice. Grab a pencil and some paper, join a team, and try to be the first to solve our Hunt.

Powerpoint Karaoke
You asked your intern to make you a PowerPoint, but they just threw together some random slides! Think on your feet and pull together a coherent presentation... or sit in the audience and laugh as others attempt to do so.

Games that Shouldn't Be Played That Way
Sometimes rules were meant to be broken. What if we played Battleship with humans on a Twister mat? What if we combined Bughouse with Dominion? Smash on a DDR pad?

Make your own Pocky!
Dip them in milk, white, and/or strawberry chocolate and decorate with different types of sprinkles, nuts, etc. Be creative!

Saturday, April 13th

Frisbee, Capture The Flag, and Swordfighting
Defend your flag with one of our foam swords, engage in single combat with ET's best, or just toss a frisbee around - all in the lovely park across from ET.

Try to fit as many ingredients into your taco as you can, then enjoy some fruit salad for dessert! Vegan options available.

Board Games + Snacks On Campus
15:00-18:00 in W20-491
Card games, speed games, word games, German-style games, cooperative games, secret-traitor games... there's something for everyone! And also snacks. Join us!

Lobby 7 Boffer Fight
19:30 in Lobby 7
Can you defeat your friends using foam swords? Can you do it left-handed? Join the fray in Lobby 7!

Mac & Cheese
Enjoy home-cooked mac&cheese with green beans, caprese salad, roasted chickpeas, and an absurd number of brownies. Vegan options available.

Only Connect
Based on the British game show: team up to find connections between seemingly unrelated trivia! Bonus points for obscurity and British accents.

Eat Healthy! (and Play with Your Food)
Who can build the tallest tower out of carrots and toothpicks? Are bananas structural? How far can you launch a grape using apples? Come play and eat with us.

Sunday, April 14th

Breakfast + Sunday Pundays
Puzzle out punny phrases from silly drawings, all while loading up on french toast and bacon.

Getting to ET

The best way to get to our house is to meet one of us at Lobby 7 to catch our van (we’ll be holding ducks and signs). Check the detailed schedule for the van time.

You can also get to our house on the Cambridge West/Brookline Saferide. You’ll recognize us as the yellow house located right across the street from a park about 15 minutes into the route. The Saferide runs from 6PM to 2AM (3AM on Friday/Saturday). On campus, you can catch the Saferide at the turnaround behind the student center.

You can also email us to get a ride over: et-www@mit.edu. We're happy to pick you up anywhere! (Unless you happen to be in Kansas or Neverland or something.)