Epsilon Theta

Fall 2014 Rush

Rush is our way of getting to know potential house members - and their way of getting to know us. Fall Rush starts on Saturday 8/30, and lasts until Sunday 9/7. During that time, we encourage all MIT students - including upperclassmen and graduate students - to come to our events and see if ET is a good fit for them. Are you a down-to-earth person with a good sense of humor? Are you a fan of nerd culture (or eager to become one)? Want to become part of a tight-knit, supportive, intellectual community? If so, then you should definitely check us out.


For all events, meet us in Lobby 7 (look for a person holding a bright yellow sign). Unless otherwise specified, we’ll head back to ET in our Great White Van for the event.

Saturday, August 30

All the Soups 12:15 PM
Strawberry Soup! African Peanut Soup! Tomato Soup! And some grilled cheese. Vegan options available, so come over and eat with us!

Super Soaker "Paintball"/Ender's Game 1:30 PM
Come battle the other SuperSoaker cadet warriors for tactical supremacy! Use your paint-loaded squirt guns to stun your adversaries and make it through the gate!

Hearthstone Draft 3:30 PM
Play the popular Blizzard Collectible Card Game with physical printouts!

TACOS! 5:15 PM
Come to ET and try to fit many ingredients into your taco without having its contents spill all over our living room! Vegan options available!

Escape the Room 7:00 PM
Do you enjoy escape games? Do you fancy yourself to be a young MacGyver? Think you might be clever enough to escape our room full of riddles? Come see if you have what it takes to Escape the Mystery Room!

Sunday, August 31

Hot Dogs and Chips 12:15 PM
A simple, totally healthy* meal. Vegan options available!

Fermi Questions 1:30 PM
How many piano tuners are there in Boston? Come over to ET and find out!

Puzzles 3:30 PM
Linguistic brainteasers and more! Can you solve them all?

Make Your Own Pizza 5:15 PM
Think you can put chains like Pizza Hut or Dominoes out of business? Put your skills to the test with the help of our amazing alums!

ET-Twitch Plays Pokemon 7:00 PM
Join us as we attempt to race the animated series and progress from gym to gym.

What's the craziest fried food you can imagine? If you want to know how it's possible to FRY scoops of ICE CREAM and other novel things, stop by our fully stocked kitchen.

Monday, September 1

Baby Ducks Play Sports Too! 1:30 PM
Join us, the Thetan 'Baby Ducks,' as we enjoy the parks and sunshine in our beautiful neighborhood of Brookline. Let's play ball!

Paper Mache Masks 3:30 PM
Make a mask! Any mask! (You could even make a mask for tomorrow's Mini-con!)

Gluck in Lobby 7 4:45 PM
Come play a quick game of Gluck while we wait for our van to take us to dinner at Epsilon Theta.

Chicken Cordon Bleu 5:15 PM

Magic: The Gathering Draft 7:00 PM
Take the best cards you see, then build your deck while you're at ET.

Mars Attacks! 9:00 PM
ACk Ack Ack ACk ACk ACk ACk ACk!!!! Enjoy this and more sc-fi movies with us!

Tuesday, September 2

Mini Convention 1:30 PM
Come dressed to your finest or improvise on the spot! You have two hours to come up with the "best" costume. The judges look forward to your entries.

Enjoy the beautiful park across from our house while simultaneously beating people with foam weapons.

We Didn't Playtest This At All in Lobby 7 4:45 PM
It’s a real game, we promise! Come play it with us in Lobby 7!

Burgers 5:15 PM
Build the burger of your dreams. Vegan options available!

Resistance-Laser Maze Fusion / Short Games 7:00 PM
Homemade laser security system, Nerf gun guards, what else could budding spies want? (Reasons to shoot things, perhaps?)

Wednesday, September 3

Chess Variants in Lobby 7 4:45 PM
Bughouse chess. Monster chess. Loser's chess. Auction chess. Extinction chess. Cannibal chess. Obese king chess. Play with us as we wait for our van to Epsilon Theta.

Breakfast for Dinner 5:15 PM
Just woke up and missed your first day of class? That's okay! All this syrup and bacon will make your woes go away. Vegan options available!

Board Games 7:00 PM
We have over 100 board games in our basement. Come play some of them.

Thursday, September 4

Childhood Construction Time in Lobby 7 4:45 PM
Use LEGOs, Lincoln Logs, and magnetic playsets to build the city of your dreams! (while we wait for our van to take us to dinner)

Pasta with all the Sauces 5:15 PM
Alfredo, Pesto, and tomato sauce! Also garlic bread because who doesn't like garlic bread. Vegan options available!

Reverse Turing Test 7:00 PM
Humans try to imitate chatbots while a judge tries to tell them apart. Who will succeed?

LAN Party 9:00 PM
Come join us for: Civ, Starcraft II, LoL, Natural Selection, and more...

Friday, September 5

Falling in Lobby 7 4:45 PM
Come play the real-time card game Falling while waiting for our van to take us to ET for dinner.

Dumplings & Stir-fry 5:15 PM
Join us for a glorious dinner! Vegan options available!

Marathon Something 7:00 PM
Except not 26.2 miles. True Detective, Orphan Black, Orange is the New Black. You decide!

Saturday, September 6

Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup 12:15 PM
Didn't have enough soup before? Here have some more! Vegan options available!

Puzzle Hunt 1:30 PM
Mystery Hunt wasn't enough for you? Never heard of it? Anything in between? Come participate in a mini-puzzle hunt, written by thetans.

Creole Okra and Shrimp! 5:15 PM
What is says on the tin! Vegan options available!

Stargazing 7:00 PM
Isn't the sky beautiful tonight?--I can't tell; there's always so much pollution.--Never fear, citizen, we thought of that. Come join us for a night of looking at the stars.

Sunday, September 7

Corn Maze 11:00 AM
A maze whose walls are taller than you. There will also be lunch!

Make Your Own Ramen 5:15 PM
Create your own delicious bowl of ramen with our wonderful alums!

Video Game Tournament 7:00 PM
Try to beat us in Pikachu Volleyball!

Flashlight Tag 9:00 PM
Tag with a twist. Avoid the flashlight-wielding "it" person by hiding in the darkness of our house.

Getting to ET During Rush

The best way to get to our house is to meet one of us at Lobby 7 to catch our Great White Van (we’ll be holding yellow signs). Make sure to check the detailed schedule for the van time, but here is an overview of when we generally have van runs during rush:

8:55am, 9:55am, 5:15pm, 7:00pm
12:15pm, 1:30pm, 3:30pm, 5:15pm, 7:00pm, 9:00pm

You can also get to our house on the Boston West Saferide. You’ll recognize us by the yellow house located right across the street from a park about 15 minutes into the route. Saferide runs from 6:00pm to 2:00am on Sunday through Wednesday, and from 6:00pm to 3:00am on Thursday through Saturday. On campus, you can catch Saferide at the turnaround behind the student center.

You can also call us to get a ride over. Call the house at (617) 734-9211 or dial 3-8888 from any campus phone. We will be happy to come get you no matter where you may be! (Unless you happen to be in Kansas or Neverland or something.)


We extend invitations, known as "bids," to join Epsilon Theta throughout the rush period. When you accept a bid, you make a commitment to join our community. If our way of life appeals to you, come spend time with our members, ask lots of questions, and get a good feel for how our house works.

Our semester-long Pledge Program serves as a lively introduction to ET and MIT, and involves everything from a puzzle-solving adventure through the city of Boston to organizing our annual Halloween Party. Pledges have full house privileges and can hold elected positions at ET. It’s probably obvious, but we don’t haze either.