The Thistle Volume 16

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever." -- George Orwell.

Thistle Issue 16-01

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Available Articles:

Welcome to The Thistle's Repression Issue
'Security' Concerns Trump Academic Freedom at Commencement

News Briefs
Cambridge Still not Legal in Police Oversight
Bogus Bomb Threat Charges for Protester
ADL brings its ideology to local campus including MIT

Repression of Local Activists
Anti-Cop Rant
Remembering Reagan: The Man and the Legend
MIT Admits it Has no Policy, but Forcibly Enforces it Anyway
Hold Your Head High, You Are in Fallujah!
The Concepts Behind the US Draft Proposal Betrayed by the Reality of the Military

Fear and Loathing at MIT or: The Furniture Speaks
What You Can Do (sidebar to "Fear and Loathing...")

Recipe: Roasted Pig
Victory to the Iraqi Resistance