Multidirectional Time-Lapse Simulation

Contact: Alstan Jakubiec

The animated image shows a cylindrical 360o view of a work space in a studio sapce. The color coded lines at the bottom show the predictions of different glare indices (DGP, DGI, UGI, CGI and VCP) whether discomfort glare will be experienced in a particular direction at at different times of the day (Green=Imperceptible Glare; Yellow=Perceptible Glare; Orange=Disturbing Glare; Red=Intolerable Glare).



Black and white Multidirectional Time-Lapse Simulations for a South facingsidelit office with (left) and without (right) venetian blinds on equinox day in Boston. The venetian blinds effectively manage to reduce the senstation of glare to perceptible or less.