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Programs and Services

Classroom Videorecording and Consulting Program

The Classroom Videorecording and Consulting Program gives instructors the opportunity to have one or more of their classes videorecorded and have the recording reviewed with a professional teaching consultant. This service operates independently of departments and schools. The recording and subsequent review is not used as part of any evaluation process. Participants can decide just to be videorecorded, but most have found the consultation to be extremely valuable in providing objective and constructive feedback of their own teaching.

A videorecording session can take place in the Kaufman Classroom for Instruction in Teaching (9-151) or in a regular classroom.

A Service Request Form should be completed and sent online, or printed and returned to TLL, Room 5-122.

Some comments from faculty on the Classroom Videorecording and Consulting Program:

". . . [the consultant] gave me gentle suggestions, which I took to the classroom with me. . . . It improved my attitude and comfort level in class."

 “When you see yourself . . . it is very easy to identify mistakes you make. That is already helpful. When you consult with the teaching consultant, your strong points get identified as well, which is also very helpful."

"This is a good opportunity to see how one teaches from the audience's point of view."

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