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TLL Library

Any member of the MIT community may borrow materials from the TLL Library. The library contains books, journals, yearbooks, handbooks, reports, videorecordings, and DVDs on a range of topics related to teaching and learning in higher education. Books, handbooks, and reports are arranged in ten categories listed below. Handbooks are identified with an (H) following the entry; reports with an (R) following the entry. Journals and yearbooks follow in the next section and recordings are listed last.

Teaching and Learning
General references on teaching and learning in higher education.

Resources on specific pedagogical methods as, for example, lecturing, discussion teaching, and case-based teaching.

Assessment and Evaluation
Materials related to: (1) the assessment of student learning, or (2) the evaluation of courses, instructors, curricula, and/or educational programs.

Information on the impact of diversity in higher education; teaching and learning issues related to women, minority, and international students; how to foster interaction among diverse groups of students.

Education Research
Guides on the design of educational research projects as well as the use of both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Educational Technology
Descriptions of how to develop, use, and assess a wide range of educational technologies. Also includes work on the impact of educational technologies on both classroom practice and the university at large.

Learning Science / Cognitive Psychology / Psychology
Works in these disciplines that have informed the practice of teaching in higher education, and helped instructors to understand how students learn.

Teaching Assistant Development
How to strengthen the teaching skills of graduate and undergraduate TAs; also guides for setting up TA training programs.

Academic Career Development
A range of resources for beginning faculty on managing all aspects of their careers.

Higher Education History, Policy, and Philosophy
A broader view of higher education: how it works, its role in society, and how it can be improved.

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