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TLO Statistics for Fiscal Year 2013

Total Number of Invention Disclosures 698
Number of U.S. Patents Filed
(including all non-provisional applications: ordinary, priority, continuation, divisional and C.I.P.)
Number of U.S. Patents Issued 288
Number of Licenses Granted
(not including trademarks and end-use software)
Number of Trademark Licenses Granted 109
Number of Material Transfer Agreements Negotiated 463
Number of Options Granted
(not including options as part of research
Number of Companies Started
venture capitalized and/or with
minimum of $500K of other funding)

Cash Income $79.6 M
Royalties  $46.14 M
Patent Reimbursement $9.86 M
Equity Cash-In $3.59 M
Expenditure on Patents $18.99 M

TLO Statistics for Fiscal Years 2000 - 2010 [pdf]

TLO Statistics for Fiscal Years 2004 - 2013 [pdf]