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Massachusetts Institute of Technology Inventions and Proprietary Information Agreement

This form (in which M.I.T. employees agree to assign to M.I.T. those inventions which belong to M.I.T. under our policy) should have been completed by every M.I.T employee upon joining M.I.T. (This form must be completed even if you have previously signed one as a student or as a former employee). When we receive your invention disclosure, if you somehow neglected to sign an IPIA, we will ask you to sign one before processing your disclosure. When completed, submit this form to the Technology Licensing Office, Room NE18-501. If you have any questions, please call 253-6966.

Every MIT employee is to sign this form upon joining MIT.
Download the IPIA (in MS WORD FORMAT)  (for MIT Employees only)

Visiting Scientists

All Visiting Scientists (professors, scholars, and research affiliates) who are involved in research at MIT are required to sign a Visiting Scientist Invention and Proprietary Information Agreement. We would appreciate it if the appropriate form could be completed either before the arrival of the Visiting Scientist or within the first week of his/her arrival.


Visiting Scientists with no sponsored research agreement
To be signed by Visiting Scientists who will be working at MIT and whose company or institution does not have a sponsored research agreement with MIT.

Visiting Scientists with sponsored research agreement
Visiting Scientists whose companies do have sponsored research agreements with MIT.