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The Whitehead Institute

The Whitehead Institute owns and manages intellectual property created by Whitehead investigators.

Reporting Inventions to Whitehead

Completing the WIBR Invention, Discovery or New Technology Disclosure form will help the Whitehead Intellectual Property Office decide how to best commercialize your invention.

The first step in this process may be filing a patent application. However, publication or other public disclosure (including, but not limited to, web sites, lectures, poster sessions, abstracts, and scientific papers) of your invention prior to filing a patent application may limit your rights to the invention. Timely disclosure of an invention to the IP Office is essential to protect the Institute's, as well as the inventor's, rights.

If an upcoming presentation, publication or any other public disclosure of your invention is less than thirty (30) days from now, contact the Whitehead office immediately at x8-5853.

Visit the Whitehead Institute website.