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End-Use Software

Below is a list of our most popular software available for end-use licensing.

Frequently Asked Questions and Ordering Information
MIT Cases 7791S, 12052, and 13492
Inventors: Matteo Frigo and Steven G. Johnson

MIT Case No. 5740S
Inventor: Mark Drela

MIT Case 6570S
Inventor: Mark Drela

MIT Marine Propulsor Design/Analysis Codes
(PBD-10/PBD-12; PSF-2; PUF-2; PUF-3A; PSF-10, PUF-10)
MIT Case 4108S
Inventor: Justin E. Kerwin

MIT Case 7980S
Inventors: Moshe Ben Akiva, Haris Koutsopolous and Qi Yang

Organism Checker
MIT Case 12443B
Inventor: Ted Sharpe

Organism Checker attempts to determine the species origin of a novel DNA sequence by comparing the relative frequencies of kmers within the novel DNA to a database of known kmer frequencies for various organisms. The comparison algorithm is novel and effective.


Attitude Tracking Software for the AeroAstro LIST Star Tracker
MIT Case 12430
Inventor: Raymond Sedwick

This software consists of several functions to detect and track the motion of stars between consecutive images and return the quaternion defining the transformation between frames.

For more information regarding software end-use licensing, please contact:

Tom O'Keefe
Associate Licensing Officer
E-mail: tokeefe@mit.edu
Phone:  (617) 253-6966
Fax:  (617) 258-6790