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Lincoln Laboratory Optical Communications Technology

Optical Network Schematic
This is a diagram of Ultra-High-Speed (100 Gbps) All Optical Network.
MIT is the owner of an extensive portfolio of optical technology developed at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, a pioneer in the development of advanced electronics for half a century.

Our optical technology portfolio includes patents for the architecture for an all-optical 100 Gbps network and the subsystems needed to implement it.

Issued Patents Available for Licensing

This is a list of selected MIT patents in the field of Advanced Optical Technology, with links to their abstracts.  Please contact the corresponding Licensing Officer for more information.  

Method and Device for Generating Spatially and Temporally Shaped Optical Waveforms

MIT Case No. 7207, USPN 5,682,262
Marc M. Wefers and Keith A. Nelson


A method and device for shaping both the temporal and spatial profiles of an input optical pulse to generate an output optical waveform are described. The method includes the step of dispersing the spectral frequencies of the input pulse. These frequencies are then focused with a cylindrical lens to form a two-dimensional optical field. The field is imaged on a mask featuring a two-dimensional array of pixels. The amplitudes, phases, or phases and amplitudes of the two-dimensional optical field are then filtered with the mask. The filtered spectral frequencies are then recombined to form the collective temporal profile of the output waveform. The two-dimensional optical field is then imaged in a sample plane to form the spatially coherent regions. 

Contact Information:
Contact Information:
Danny Dardani
Technology Licensing Officer
(617) 253-6966