Case 10188

Novel Air Electrode Designs for Metal-Air Batteries and Fuel Cells


Metal-air battery, fuel cell, air electrode


Lithium-based batteries, portable electronic devices


Current power outputs and activated life of metal-air system are limited by high polarization of air electrode and poor water management.


This research proposes to develop a novel air electrode active layer - noble metal (Pt, Pd, Ru) decorated carbon matte – to decrease the polarization of oxygen reduction, and to design and incorporate a micropump to the air electrode to significantly improve water management and mechanically enhance oxygen flow during electrochemical reaction.

  • Prolong the activated life of a zinc air battery and fuel cell to 3 to 6 months
  • Significantly improve power densities (up to 100mA/cm2)
  • Provide much greater energy than widely used lithium-based devices for portable electronic devices

  • Professor Yang Shao-Horn (MIT Mechanical Engineering Department)
  • John Paul Kurpiewski (MIT Mechanical Engineering Department)
  • Quinn C Horm (MIT Mechanical Engineering Department)

Intellectual Property:

US Patent Number 7,229,944, issued on June 12, 2007



Last revised: July 7, 2011

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