Case 13080

CVD-grown graphite nanoribbons


Graphene, Nanoribbons, CVD


The fabrication of novel composites, gas storage devices, nanosensors, catalysts, batteries, etc.


    Limit of the production amount of nanocarbon and difficulty in the manipulation of nanoribbons


The novel material consists of a plurality of thin graphite ribbons having long and highly crystalline nanoribbons. The bulk production of thin graphite ribbons is achieved with single-step and simple chemical vapor deposition (CVD) under ambient pressure and a temperature of 9500C. A voltage is applied across the length of the thin graphite ribbons to cause current flow so as to increase crystallinity as well as establishing interplanar stacking order and well-defined graphene edges. Heat treatment could also be applied to the nanoribbons up to 28000C in order to modify their structure and properties significantly. These ribbons could also be exfoliated and cut into shorter pieces or into narrow ribbons.


    Bulk synthesis of a novel form of nanocarbon and ambient pressure CVD

  • Professor Mildred S. Dresselhaus (Department of Physics and EECS, MIT)
  • Xiaoting Jia (Department of Material Science and Engineering, MIT)
  • Professor Mauricio Terrones (IPICYT, Mexico)
  • Professor Humberto Terrones (IPICYT, Mexico)
  • Jessica Campos-Delgado (IPICYT, Mexico)
  • José Manuel Romo-Herrera (IPICYT, Mexico)
  • Edgar E. Gracía-Espino (Institute for Scientific and Technological Research of San Luis Potosi, Mexico)
  • Professor Morinobu Endo (Shinshu University, Japan)

Intellectual Property:

U.S. Patent Application Number 12/042544, filed on March 5, 2008


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