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3D Microbatteries


Micro-battery, energy density


Micro-batteries could be used to power a wide variety of small system.


Current battery has low energy density and big volume.


This invention is founded on a micro-fabricated structure of 3D electrode array, proposing an integrally packaged, solid-state lithium rechargeable microbattery with a 3-dimensional interpenetrating-electrode internal architecture. The microbatteries will have the capability for outer package aspect ratios of less than 5:1 for maximum to minimum dimensions, active materials packing fraction of >75% in a 1mm3 volume. The proposed approach will use currently available and proven cathode and anode materials, but will allow drop-in of higher energy or higher rate active materials as they are developed in the future.


This invention proposes to achieve the energy densities of 350-1500Wh/L.

  • Professor Yet-Ming Chiang(Materials Science and Engineering, MIT)
  • Ryan Wartena (Materials Science and Engineering, MIT)
  • Timothy Edward Chin (Materials Science and Engineering, MIT)
  • Wei Lai (Materials Science and Engineering, MIT)
  • Can Kerem Erdonmez (Materials Science and Engineering, MIT)

Intellectual Property:

US Patent Application 12/126841 filed on May 23, 2008

PCT Patent Application US08/006604 filed on May 23, 2008

EP Patent Application 08754689.1 filed on May 23, 2008

CN Patent Application 200880100459.1 filed on May 23, 2008



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