Case 13139/12643

Water and Oil Resistant Fabrics with Tunable Surface Energy or Wettability


Tunable surface, Nanotexture, Wetting properties


Oil-water separation, ground water cleaning, as well as various industrial coatings


Need of surfaces with various extreme properties of wettability


This invention presents the geometry required for creating super-oleophobic surface for the first time. The surface contains a protruding portion configured to protrude towards a liquid and a re-entrant portion opposite the protruding portion. It is essential that the re-entrant surface have negative curvature relative to the adjacent space. Further, the technology also include details on the creation of fabrics with tunable wettability, produced in a single step by electrospinning two components, a polymer and a fluorinated nanoparticles. In general, this process can be used to create superhydrophilic, superhydrophobic, super-oleophillic, and even super-oleophobic surfaces.

  • Super-oleophobic surface
  • Flexibility to produce surfaces having multiple desirable properties


Intellectual Property:

PCT Patent Application Number US08/060176, filed on April 14, 2008

US Patent Application Number 12/599465, filed on August 23, 2010



Last revised: April 29, 2013

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