Case 13279

Micro and Nano Scale Shape Memory Material for Mechanical Damping


MEMS, NEMS, Shape Memory Alloys, Mechanical Damping


Micro-scale and nano-scale electromechanical systems


    Suppression of vibration and impact shock to maintain integrity of system operation


This invention provides a mechanical structure with a crystalline superelastic alloy, characterized by a small grain size and a martensitic phase transformation resulting from a mechanical stress input. The structure enables ultra-high-damping performance with response times in the order of just a few milliseconds. The basic mechanism by which the alloys can dissipate mechanical energy efficiently is through their reversible thermoelastic transformation between the austenite phase and the martensite phase. As a realization of the technology, a mechanical damping system can be designed as the mechanical connection between a mechanical system and a mechanical support.


    Efficient and reliable mechanical damping suitable for new generations of micro and nano electromechanical systems

  • Professor Christopher A. Schuh (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT)
  • Dr. Jose Maria San Juan (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT)
  • Dr. Ying Chen (Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT)

Intellectual Property:

U.S. Patent Number 8,282,746, issued on October 9, 2012



Last revised: January 19, 2012

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